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What is the Role of Skeletal Muscles?

There are 3 types of muscles in a human body or an animal body. They are cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle and smooth muscle.

A skeletal muscle means muscle fibres or several bundles of cells. They are created by the fusion of myoblasts in a procedure or process called myogenesis.

Skeletal muscles play different functions in our bodies. Go through the functions which are written below.

  • Skeletal muscles help in the movement and support of the body. The contraction of the muscles causes body position and posture. The contraction pulls tendons. These tendons are attached to the bones.
  • Sphincter, a particular type of skeletal muscle controls theopening of theurinal and digestive systems.
  • A skeletal muscle named Supinator holds the wrist by rolling it.
  • Adductors play the role of pulling together the legs in our body.
  • Skeletal muscles are also important for doing some homeostatic functions. It means the maintenance of the internal environment of our body.

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