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Chemistry is an important branch of physical science. If you have been handed over a homework assignment to complete within a specified deadline, you can depend on We have Chemistry homework expert in Singapore with years of experience in helping out students with their chemistry assignments. You can expect on-time submissions and good grades with our assistance, and further your academic journey with less wastage of time and efforts.

Probing the subject: Chemistry

Chemistry is a branch of physical science that deals with the study of the science behind properties, composition of matter and structures. It has a long history and Chemistry as we know it now actually began from the medieval period. It concerns the concept of molecules and atoms and explains the same. It includes studying energy and matter, and identifying the substance that constitutes various things, and making inquiries about their combinations, reactions, and properties. There are specific important terms in this science, which include:

  • Substance
  • Atom
  • Molecules
  • Element
  • Compound
  • Salts
  • Ion
  • Bonding
  • Mole
  • Equilibrium
  • Acidity
  • Chemical reactions

This is an important branch, and the entire medicinal field depends on studying various drugs and chemicals. It is often that students face problems in understanding Periodic Tables, Chemical Equations, Mole Concept, Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Equations and Chemical Reactions among other things. We have Chemistry homework expert in Singapore who can guide you about these concepts and assist you with your Chemistry project assignments.

Types of Chemistry: Taking a look!

Chemistry can be classified into 3 mainbranches:

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry

These are the major areas of Chemistry and are studied in high school as well as in baccalaureate and masters levels. However, some other branches of chemistry are there too, and these are studied during Ph.D. If you lack the time or expertise to understand and deal with homework projects in these subjects, you can get assistive Chemistry assignment expert from Singapore from to work for you and provide you with assistance.

Why Hire Us?

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Our experts well versed withthe different fields of Chemistry and they can assist you in solving all types of project problems. Since we believe in specialized studies, therefore, we ensure that at every step, you are supported by trained individuals.

Even if you are comfortable with any of our Chemistry assignment expert in Singapore, we can designate the same tutor to you every time, for an additional fee. We can do everything to make it easier for you to understand and solve your Chemistry assignment, and submit it on time.

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