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The phenotype results caused by the influence of a gene are called simple inheritance. The genotype refers to the organism’s genetic makeup. The phenotype on the contrary represents the expression of the gene. You can gain a thorough knowledge of it by going through simple inheritance homework help. We, at are constantly working in providing you with the best ever support needed.

 Want to know more about simple inheritance?

  • Some traits or features are developed by a single gene. These inherited traits are predominantly controlled by a single gene where the outside factors play a negligible role
  • The features that are inherited in this way are qualitative by nature and are expressed as some types of typical phenotypes. A person may or may not inherit this trait
  • The three main kinds of simple inheritance can be mentioned as:
  1. Autosomal recessive
  2. Autosomal dominant
  3. X- lined
  • If a person’s family history and combination of allele are known then the probability of having their gene trait can be easily estimated with quite a high degree of accuracy.
  • These types of probabilities are mostly present for each inheritance type’s possible pairings.

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Some examples are cited for your benefit:

  • Pigmented iris: A person who is homozygous recessive while receiving color in his eye, there will be no pigment in the front of his eye, but the blue color of his back iris will give blue eyes. Various other genes play a significant role in determining the density and nature of the pigment and may result in giving green, violet, hazel, brown and other kinds of eye colors
  • Ear lobes may be attached: A homozygous recessive for this particular trait will have its ear lobes attached to the ears and are not held free.
  • Arm placement: some people may find it more comfortable in keeping their right arm on top of the left and vice versa
  • Thumb placement: By interlocking your fingers unconsciously the position of left thumb on right is due to dominant allele.

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