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Plastim Corporation is often used as a common example to explain different concepts of accounts elaborately. One of the many concepts which can be explained using this example is the simple costing system. There are several students who face problems in this assignment. For such pupils, simple costing system at plastim corporation Homework Help is the best option.

Costing system

The system of determining the cost of a product by taking into consideration direct and indirect costs of producing and distributing the commodity is known as the system of costing. The method of increasing direct or indirect costs, increasing the diversity of the item as well as the aspect of competition between brands in the market led to changes in the costing system.

There are different guidelines or rules which are associated with the costing system of Plastim Corporation. The main points under these guidelines are direct tracking of prices, allocation of costing bases and monitoring indirect cost pools. Simple costing system at plastim corporation Homework Help can be used to understand these ideas further.

Simple costing system

With Plastim coming into the picture the method of using simple costing systems had been brought into the limelight. In this system of simple costs, and the indirect costs are reallocated using a fixed or stipulated rate. In simple costing system at plastim corporation Assignment Help the following steps are used to explain the process:

  • The products which have been marked as the chosen cost products need to be before the units of designing or manufacturing investments.
  • Finding out what is the direct cost of the product is the next important step. Direct cost of raw materials, distribution and production, are all considered here.
  • Selection of the bases for cost allocation which will be used for monitoring overhead costs of the products is another crucial step.
  • The overhead costs which are connected to the cost allocation base need to be detected.
  • Calculation of the rate per unit of each cost allocation base is also performed. This is followed by computing the indirect costs.
  • In the end, the simple costing system at plastim corporation Assignment Help deals with presentation of the figures regarding final cost of products by adding both direct and overhead costing.

There is the simple costing as well as activity based costing system used by this Corporation however the simple system is used more frequently. To clear out doubts on this concept help can be opted.

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