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What is simple distillation?

Simple Distillation is the process in which the organic liquid is purified by precipitating and then collecting the hot vapors coming from the boiling liquid. This method can also be applied to determine to boiling points of an unknown liquid. The simple and fractional distillation homework help now describes the procedure of simple distillation which is outlined below:

  • At first put the liquid to be distilled in the distilling flask.
  • Then to it add one or two boiling stones in the container to promote even boiling. Confirm that all joints of the flask are tight. After making it sure turn on the water for the condenser.
  • Allow only a small stream of water to pass through because excessive water pressure will not serve the purpose.
  • Now discard the first few drops of distillate and then start collecting the remaining part of the distillate. Mark the temperature of this particularstage where the temperature has become the highest and stable. This is your boiling point of the liquid.

What is fractional distillation?

Fractional distillation is the process wherethe components are separated by their respective boiling points. The vapors that are formed from the solution being boiledare passed through a column. As a result of the temperature of the column gradually decreases. No the material with higher boiling point condense on the column and return to the solution. Whereas the one with lower boiling point passes through the column and then collected.Its application as mentioned by simple and fractional distillation assignment help is found in oil refineries to extract from crude oil.

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