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Should Homework Be Banned Pros and Cons? The Both Sides of Homework Coin

by Apr 6, 2016Homework Help

Should Homework Be Banned Pros and Cons? The Both Sides of Homework Coin

Over the years, this argument about homeworks seems to be a never-endingone. The experts of our society have their valuable opinions on the fact that-should homework be banned pros and cons. Homework cannot be ignored at all. It definitely has some benefits on students but in present study, it has been found that there are equally negative effects on kids as the positive ones.So the idea is what quantity of home task a student should be assigned.

Our parents’ experience:

Everybody at a point of time had to do projects assigned by the school. During our parents’ academic days, they well accepted the fact as an important part of their life. They took homework as a free pass to play or watch television. But, the case is not same for today’s learners.With anincreased pressure of the education system, they are getting stressed and depressed with assignments.

Should homework be banned pros and cons?

From all the arguments, here are some important pros and cons of assigning homework.

  • Benefits:
  • Helps practice; develop skills:

Assigning students with homeworks help them increase their ability to conduct a detailed study of the subject. They will develop their research and analytical skills. Moreover, some just limit their education within the premises of school. Keeping them busy at home lets them practice what they have learnt during the day.

  • Clarifies concepts:

After dealing with a particular topic in school, it is necessary to revise that at home the very day till ideas are fresh. With homeworks, students are given the chance to do so. They research more to enhance their ideas and knowledge. Moreover, with limited class durations they might not complete all portions in text. Home tasks let them use the ample of time after school for expanding their concept.

  • Involvement of parents:

Mothers or fathers are unaware of what is being taught in class. Homeworks let them get involved and know what their kids are up to. They can also guide them in doing the project, learning lessons, etc. Some experts have stressed at this point to discuss-should homework be banned pros and cons.

  • Makes students disciplined:

With homeworks to be done, learners are sure to get engaged with their books and form the habit of studying daily. They will develop skills in time management and a disciplined lifestyle.

  • Keeps engaged:

Today, almost in every family, both the parents work to make their ends meet. So, after school, students can keep themselves busy with projects and assignments when their loved ones are not around. This will keep them engaged in study.

Should homework be banned pros and cons? Experts have also argued on what is the point of homework? Is it necessary for students’ development? Have a look on the other side of homework coin:

  • Drawbacks:
  • Loss of interest:

Students get tired easily and lose interest in dealing more with a subject all through the day. So, to avoid this, they should be corrected quickly to encourage them.

  • Lack of leisure time:

As the saying goes, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. It’s indeed so true!The youngsters need time for relaxation, playing games, and refreshment.They must be given equal opportunity to pursue their hobbies and interests. With loads of homework, this becomes almost impossible.

  • Leads to cheating:

Experts have come up with another shortcoming in their discussion on should homework be banned pros and cons. If students find difficulty to cope up with homework pressure, they tend to cheat from other’s work. Apart from being a bad habit, it fails to fulfil the purpose of such extended load.

  • Lessens family life:

If students are givenmore assignments to do after school, that hampers the family life. They cannot get involved and perform family chores. Apart from academics, it is essential for all to communicate with family.

  • Health issues:

The health condition of a person may deteriorate due to over pressurization of assignments. They may fall sick struggling to do up with assigned home tasks.

Other important facts about bans on homework:

There is certainly some efficiency in doing homework. But teacher should maintain the pressure on learners upto a limited level. Also on the part of students, they should fix a schedule on when to do the tasks. If not homeworks, they should be assigned to review the lessons to make it ahabit.While conversing on should homework be banned pros and cons, professionals came up with theses important facts.

  • As per records, learners have reduced their time for sports upto 40%.
  • Researchers say that students should be givenupto 10 minutes for their homework as per their grades. To give an example, a student of 3rd grade should not be engaged in more than 30 minutes of doing assignments.
  • Guess what, China tops the chart in doing homework for the longest of 15 hours per day.
  • Learning can be achieved from practical experiences also. Homeworks are not necessarily the musts.
  • There is a section of people who firmly believe that education system cannot be improved with increase in homework load.
  • Teachers should guide parents on how to engage their children at home. That can work as an alternative to huge assignments.
  • For the teachers, don’t create a rigid homework structure. Instead, give something that will encourage the students.

Amidst all those debates, the trend of homework continues to exist. Many countries like Finland have already banned the concept of assigning tasks at home.Fact is that the entire system of homework has to be revised and alternative ways should be drawn. As of now, schools should limit the pressure and utilize class hours in a different way.

The debate on -should homework be banned pros and cons will continue with experts coming up with more concepts, but what one should not forget is the purpose. If it’s about learning, then pressure of homework may kill the desire to learn, opting for shortcuts to finish them quickly. By the team professionals come to a decision, you as a student should break your after-school routine into sections and reserve a part for doing homeworks.