Understanding Human Evolution and the Different Stages with Biology Homework Help

The human evolution is a lengthy process where many changes had taken place. Through these stages, people originated from apelike ancestors. With all the scientific evidence, it is said that it took over six million years for the apelike ancestors to turn to humans. Setting the evolutionary stage homework help is useful for students who are having trouble understanding the different stages of human evolution. Evolution in the simplest sense is a slow process of change from a simple to a more complex structure.

The human evolution

Evolution assumes that all living things are inter related. In today’s world, most scientists have accepted the basic principle of evolution but they have their own views on how evolution has taken place or how far it has gone. Setting the evolutionary stage homework help will give you thorough details on how the human evolution had taken place and the time it took for all these changes to happen.

The evolution of life first started in the oceans. The first land made creatures emerged in about four hundred million years ago. The largest development took place in humans and human’s closest relatives are the gorillas, chimpanzees and orang-utans.

The process of evolution

Setting the evolutionary stage human help will guide you through all the stages that caused species to adapt to the environment, arise and become extinct. Evolution takes place when there is a change in the genetic material. Evolutions do not change individual but change the inherited meaning of development and growth that typify a population.

Parent passes all their genetic changes into their offspring and these changes become very common throughout a whole population. The offspring inherits the genetic characteristic that helps them to survive and gives birth that may work well enough until the environment changes. Setting the evolutionary stage assignment help to provide details on certain matters related to the human evolution that can work well for students looking for help.

Stages in human evolution

Assignments are a must if you need to understand a subject better. Setting the evolutionary stage assignment help will clear all your doubts on the human evolution and also guide you through the different stages in human evolution.

  • Dryopithecus – This genus lived in China, India, Africa and Europe. The environmental conditions during those times were such with densely forested tropical lowlands and the members were herbivorous
  • Ramapithecus – The first remains of this population was found in Punjab and then later discovered in Africa and Saudi Arabia. This population lived in open grassland. They used their hands mostly for food and defence
  • Australopithecus – This genus is the immediate forerunner of the genus Homo and weighed around 60-90 pounds with a height of about 4 feet tall
  • Homo erectus – The homo species were first found in Java in 1891. They were mostly cave dwellers who used fire
  • Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis – The homo Erectus evolved into homo sapiens and were capable of hunting
  • Homo Sapiens Sapiens – The first remains were found in Europe. Hunting and gathering were their primary means of food gathering during their time. They had drawings on the cave walls which were mainly of animals

Setting the evolutionary stage assignment help is a great way from where students are enlightened on the whole process and stages of human evolution.

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