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Services differentiation is the technique of marking a clear differentiation between the services offered by various brands. This is especially important when there are similar products in the market, and all of them happen to offer the same output.

Services differentiation & why it matters

There is a product a, and there is a product b and a new product c has just entered the market. Let us see what they do:

  1. A, b, & c are water geysers
  2. A, b, & c heat water instantly
  3. A, b, & c have temperature indicators
  4. A, b, & c have sleek designs with beautiful colours
  5. A, b, & c have optimisers or sensors, which will ensure that you never ever get burnt
  6. A, b, & c have the most powerful brand ambassadors
  7. A, b, & c have the same price tags

If you were the manufacturer of either b, or c, then probably this would have been the worst product to launch.

Now the question comes: how does a layman decide which one to buy?

Word of mouth can make or break the brand

Services differentiation matter. Services are provided by people, who add the much coveted ‘human dimension’.

If a service associate handling a customer’s query is efficient, then there is a great brand in the making. The happy customer becomes a brand ambassador, and will to a lot of people about the positive impact.

Conversely, if a service associate is rude and is ineffective, then the reputation takes a plunge. Obviously, a disgruntled customer will spread the negative experience to a lot of people, and like a wildfire, the damage would be beyond control.

Services differentiation assignment help

Amongst a, b, & c, a customer will obviously choose the brand which will have the best perception in the market. This perception is created by services differentiation team.

Services differentiation will ensure that the human help is always a differentiating factor.

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