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Senior Physics Homework Help Is Undoubtedly the Best

In senior Physics you may must have a keen interest in learning the subject. With senior Physics homework help you can overcome all the hurdles that will come in your way.

What are the purposes of senior Physics?

  • Students who are interested in making guns or cannons can learn from here
  • You may have to face some problems while making these weapons
  • Before you start making weapons you must consult with police service and the categories of weapons as well
  • Your device may not be a dangerous weapon but you teacher may not allow it to bring in the school as it may pose danger for your classmates

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What are the harmful effects of making these weapons?

  • A potato canon for instance can be a very dangerous weapon as it is often considered as muzzle loading firearm
  • It is called a firearm, as it may cause death when targeted properly
  • Injury may occur which can be considered as a harm in the body
  • For this you may need a license from the firemen to operate it

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How to make a catapult or mangonel?

  • A mangonel is nothing but another kind of catapult. It greatly depends upon the potential energy to provide the necessary projecting force
  • It mainly comprises of a wooden arm and also a bucket along with a rope attached at the end
  • This arm is further pulled back
  • The elastic potential energy created is stored between the arm and the tension of the rope
  • A mangonel never releases its energy in the form of linear way
  • The potential energy is thereby transformed into rotational kinetic energy
  • Thereafter the kinetic energy gets transferred into translational kinetic energy

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