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What is securitization?

Talking about securitization, it is a process of taking in all assets such as illiquid ones or a group of assets and to put it through financial term, which transforms them into security. There are examples which shows how to understand securitization such as mortgage backed security also known as MBS. This type of asset security belongs to asset backed security which is secured by a collection of mortgages. To understand securitization more clearly it is necessary that you take up securitization homework help.

Why it is important to learn securitization?

As mentioned earlier, it is a financial practice for different types of contractual debts like residential and commercial mortgages, loan or credit card debts, and selling it to a third party investors like securities, which are described as bonds, pass through securities or CDO’s.

Types of securitization which need some light on it:

  1. Master trust

It is a type of SPV which is there to handle all sort of credit card balances and has the flexibility to handle different securities eventually.

  1. Issuance trust

Citibank in the year 2000 introduces this structure for credit card backed facility which will not have limitations like master trust but requires issued series of securities for it.

  1. Grantor trust

These are typically used in automobile securities which are similar to pass through trust in earlier days of securitization.

  1. Owner trust

It is the most flexible in allocating principal and interest in receiving different classes of issued securities.

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