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What is Securities and Exchange Commission?

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is created by U.S congress and it is a government commission that comes with a purpose of protecting the investors as well as maintaining functions of securities markets. It also enables to facilitate capital formation. SEC helps to promote complete public disclosure and also can protect the investors from all kind of fraudulent activities. Securities and Exchange Commission homework help can easily help you acquire knowledge on topic. The securities issued in the interstate commerce need to be registered with SEC.

Major divisions of SEC

  • The Division of Corporation Finance can surely give an assurance on corporate disclosure of any vital information to investing public.
  • The Division of Enforcement can help in investigating the securities law violations and can also initiate the criminal and civil actions.
  • The Division of Trading can give an assurance on fairness and efficiency in any market activities.

Securities and Exchange Commission homework help can allow students to have proper information and facts on the topic so that students can also manage their course. Through the division of Investment Management it is possible to protect the investors and also enhance capital formation through proper insight on the investment management industry.

Goals and objectives of SEC

While getting into depth of the topic, you need to be aware of the goal of this procedure. While dealing with assignment, it is necessary to be aware of goals and objectives of SEC.

  • The main aim of the Commission is to come up with complete information to investors and maintain transparency of the financial market.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission assignment help gives knowledge on protection of rights of creditors and customers. Brokers can comply on the liquidity standards and registered with SEC.
  • Commission would initiate on taking information from advisors related to brokerage practice and code of ethics.

Investment advisors are responsible for mentioning the volume of assets and the services offered to customers.

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