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Score Well in Chemistry: Few Tips that Would Help to Increase Love for the Subject!

by Sep 24, 2015Chemistry

Periodic tables are equivalent to nightmares for a lot of young kids. Some of them have no idea about significance of the subject called chemistry. Some students do not have a clear concept about the electrons, protons, orbits, bonds and other various other elements of chemistry.

Do not turn chemistry into a mystery!

  • Honestly, chemistry is tough to understand, but that is just a beginning of it.
  • As the topic proceeds, lessons should be explained carefully by teachers so that all basic concepts are cleared.
  • Understanding interactions which one cannot see with bare eyes or even simple microscopes are sometimes confusing.
  • With the help of proper flow charts, illustrations, pictures and a good demonstration, one can enjoy reading and doing chemistry homework assignment!

Doubts should be cleared, not stored:

  • Another problem with few children is they are too shy when it comes to standing up in a class and ask questions to clear confusions.
  • Often students have a notion that doubts they have in their minds might sound very silly and would attract laughter.
  • Chemistry homework assignment can be understood and done only if basic concept is known and a few extra books are used as reference.

Write short and correct answers

One should keep in mind the difference between pattern of answering chemistry and history questions. Students are expected to write crisp and to-the-point answers with proper diagrams, if needed.

It is a scoring subject

If Chemistry homework assignment is done with proper care and attention, it has potential to fetch good marks at the end of the academic term. It is a scoring subject, as you have to write less and thus less are chances of spelling and grammatical errors.

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