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One of the most intriguing subjects of the 20th century is computer science. And most students of this generation love studying the subject. While it is very interesting, there are parts that can be a bit tough. For instance, a topic like scheduling queues in operating system is a topic that is dodgy. And many a times students prefer to leave this part out. But not anymore. Experts at will guide in the best possible way.

About scheduling queues in operating system

This is a rather interesting process in computer science. This is a process that involves the activities of the process manager. Process manager handles removal of CPU’s running process.

Now the CPU is responsible for processing several queues. And for each work, there exists a different queue. So while scheduling queues in operating system, there several that need attention:

  • Job queue – Its main task is to keep all process in system.
  • Ready queue – This queue maintains a set of all the processes that reside in the main memory. So new queues are always placed in this queue.
  • Device queue – Blocked processes which don’t find place due to the unavailability of input-output processes queue up here.


These are software which takes care of scheduling processes. Selection of jobs is the main task for schedulers. There are categories here too. These are:

  • Long-term scheduler
  • Short-term scheduler
  • Mid-term scheduler

Further, scheduling is basically a two-state model. It has two main states in its process. These are ‘running’ or ‘not running.’

The common problems with the subject

There are many more divisions and categories in this topic. And each is more complex than the other. Consequently, students have been facing numerous problems while studying. Some of the most common problems are as follows.

Remembering the processes

The aforementioned queues are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more divisions and sub-divisions. Further, the terms are difficult to remember. As a result, students struggle with the topic.

Numerous definitions

With so many terms going around, there are a lot of definitions too. These are to be remembered. Further, the concept of each one is to be grasped with efficiency. Since the topic is highly interconnected, each term is as important as any other.

The comparisons

There are many comparisons that are carried out on this topic. For example, long-term scheduler and short-term scheduler are compared. Their differences and similarities are noted. Even the minute differences are very important.

Where to seek help?

It is quite clear that such difficulties often pose a lot of problems for students. So it’s advisable that students seek guidance.  However, which is the correct place for them to seek help is the question that they pose.

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