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What is scatter plot?

Scatter plots are quite similar to usual or common line graphs in the point that they too use vertical and horizontal axes. The purpose for this is to plot the data points. The importance of this plot is that they are used to show and determine the effect of one variable on the other. When a relationship is found between two variables, it is known as correlation. Through our scatter plot Homework Help services, we describe this in details.

Its key features:

Through our scatter plot Assignment Help services, we describe how a large body of data and its variables can be related to one other. When scatter plots are made to determine the correlation by making a straight line, you need to check how strong the relation is. The higher is the correlation, the stronger will be its relationship.

  • If the line goes from a high value x-axis to a high value y-axis, it is called positive correlation.
  • If the line goes from a high value y-axis to a high value x-axis, it is called negative correlation.

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