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Students who want to excel in accounting subject must have a deep knowledge of sales-quantity variance, as it is one of the prominent topics of accounts. Sales-Quantity variance is major factors which determine about, how higher or lower sales quantity than budget can have an impact on profits earned by businesses. Go for sales-quantity variance homework help to know more about this topic.

Understanding Sales-Quantity Variance

Sales-Quantity variance can be defined as the determining the changes in profits or contribution margins resulting due to the difference in actual sales quantity in comparison to the budgeted sales quantity. Hence, Sales-Quantity variance holds a lot of importance for businesses. Sales-Quantity variances are though an interesting topic, still if you are facing any trouble then opt for sales-quantity variance assignment help.

Sales-Quantity Variance actually deals with calculating about the facts that how much more or fewer profits companies must have made if in case the actual sales made is above or below the budgeted sales. As it is clear now, the change in profits of any company widely depends on the difference between the actual sales made and the budgeted sales quantity.

What is the significance of Sales-Quantity variance?

To know about the significance of sales-quantity variance for any business, it is imperative first to know what favorable sales-quantity variance and adverse sales-quantity variance means. Let’s have a look at this explanation by described below.

  • Favorable Sales-Quantity Variance

Favorable Sales-Quantity Variance represents that a company is able to sell more quantity of products than expected quantity in budget. There can be multiple reasons behind Favorable Sales-Quantity Variance like less selling price, change in climatic conditions, seasonal sale, any catastrophe or customers positively responding to some new features of products, etc.

  • Adverse Sales-Quantity Variance

Adverse Sales-Quantity Variance represents that a company sold less quantity of products than expected quantity in budget. The reasons behind Adverse Sales-Quantity variance can be increased sale prices, seasonal sale, a new rival product introduced in market, or may be due to some bad word of mouth about product in market.

Henceforth, for any businesses calculating Sales-Quantity Variance is foremost important to know if businesses are in favorable condition or adverse condition and if in case business is facing an adverse sales-quantity variance, that means if the sales quantity is low, then taking suitable action to improve sales.

That is why studying sales-quantity variance can offer great career prospects for students and students can now easily learn about this subject more by sales-quantity variance homework help.

Formula to calculate Sales-Quantity Variance

You can use the formula mentioned below to calculate Sales-Quantity Variance with ease.

Sales-Quantity Variance


(Budgeted sales quantity – Actual Sales Quantity) x Standard contribution margin

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