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What are Debits and Credits?

Here, atmyhomeworkhelp.com, we start from scratch, because if you don’t understand the basics, you will get stuck and find it difficult to cope with new information as you progress. So always start from scratch and understand what people think should be common knowledge first. Rules for Debit and Credit Assignment Help are something we will progress to with time.

  • A debit is something that increases an asset or expense account and decreases a liability or equity account. And in an account book, it is usually found in the left column.
  • On the other hand, a credit is something that decreases and asset or expense account and increases a liability or equity account. This is found in the right column.

While searching Rules for Debit and Credit Homework Help might seem daunting it not totally undoable. And once you get a good grasp on the concepts, everything else is pretty simple to understand.

The Rules

These rules are mandatory for Rules for Debit and Credit Homework Help and the rules for debit and credit are based on two factors:

  1. Types of accounts.
  2. The Accounting equation.

Under 1.

Types of accounts you have three kinds of accounts and they each have their own uses and rules, as well:

  1. Personal account

This kind of account is owned by a single person, a representative like a debtor or creditor or an artificial account holder like a firm or organisation of some sort. In this kind of account, the debit is the receiver of benefits and the credit is the giver of benefits.

  1. Real Account

This is the kind of account that is a record of some sort ofassetslike cash or a fixed asset like a building or property or even an intangible asset like goodwill. In this account the debit is what comes in and the credit is what goes out.

  1. Nominal Account

In this third type of account, the account is a record of expenses or loss and incomes or gains. Here, debit is all expenses or losses while the credit is all the incomes or gains.

Understanding this will help you progress further with your Rules for Debit and Credit Assignment Help. It is one baby step at a time to the finish line.

Under 2.

The accounting equation:

You must understand that the accounting equation is a statement. This statement is a statement of equality between assets, capital and liabilities. These are the three basic elements involved here. Every transaction that is made involves these elements.

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