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Root Locus: A Combination of Two Distinctive Scientific Theories

Root locus is a concept of stability theory and control theory and thus, it is essential to learn something about these two theories to make a complete and compact knowledge regarding Root locus. After that, Root locus Homework Help will act as the external support for which your ideas will get aclear vision at the end.

What is stability theory?

Loads of strategies are there in thecase of science and stability theory is one such among them. It is the concept associated with mathematics which is used to solve various mathematical equations. Tons of issues are underlying there which must be understood properly by a student.

Definition of control theory:

Well, control theory is another integral part of mathematics and this is also related to engineering. Control theory basically highlights the details of dynamical systems.

However, these two previously-discussed topics are used together in the concept of Root locus and after taking a Root locus Homework Help, you will come to know more about this vital topic of science stream.

Definition of Root locus:

This is a beck of science which deals with the graphical methods which are helpful to examine how a root of a system gets changed with certain variations. A full suite of usages is there which will help you to gain more significant knowledge about this topic. And the Root locus Homework Help service offered by will highlight all of them at an instance to help you thoroughly in this regard.


As told before, there are numbers of examples which will allow you to delve deep into that subject matter. Well, the behaviour that an airplane does is supposed to get clarified with the concept of Root locus. Besides, there are some others also.


Generally, as we come to know from the Root locus Assignment Help, it is used in the following two cases:

  • Natural frequency
  • Damping ratio

A perfect analysis will help you to understand about these two factors also.

Some common concepts:

There are some significant factors which must be comprehended perfectly. These are the subjects matters those should be studied while going through this topic and some of them are:

  • z-plane versus s-plane
  • Sketching root locus
  • Asymptotes of Root Loci
  • Angle of Asymptotes
  • Break in Point
  • Centre of Gravity
  • Angle of Arrival or Departure
  • Phase Margin
  • Gain Margin
  • Intersection of Root Locus with the Imaginary Axis
  • Symmetry of Root Locus
  • Number of Branches
  • Start/End Points

There are many other things to be mentioned over here in this regard and Root locus Assignment Help will be a real support from that point of view. But, before availing a support, you should know more about us.

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