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Role of Accounting in Accounting Theory That Financial Student Should Master 

Role of Accounting in Accounting Theory is important for corporate managers, public accountants, investors and financial analysts and individuals in accounting standard and these aspects are important for these people. Accounting practice is understood well by corporate managers and seen how it is affecting share and bond prices.

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Role of Accounting in Accounting Theory is that financial information should be used in such a way that it gives right relevant information to people and stock investors will have a clear idea about whether their company is making progress or not.

The accounting information should be relevant and should be latest, and it should highlight the financial situation or health of a company in real terms. The accuracy of information is important as shareholders will have to take decisions and sound accounting principles and policies should be followed.

Business is considered separate from ownership, and there should be a concrete manner in which funds are used for personal uses from a business. The other underlying aspect of the financial theory is that business will continue even after the death of owner as there will be a legal heir to the company. There may be cases in which Business Company may get insolvent, but it can be purchased by another person.

There will be a historical holding of assets that will be done, and this should be done on pure accounting method.

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