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Branch engineering, robotics involves conception, design, manufacturing, and operation of robots. It also deals with their control system, processing of information and sensory feedback via allied computer application and software. It is one of the most challenging fields of study and needs foundations in mechanical, electric and software engineering. Hence students may have a tough time preparing robotics assignments. Therefore, we at Myhomeworkhelp.com offer its specialized Robotics homework Answers to students across the world.

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Different Branches of Robotics

  • Mechanical Engineering – It deals with machinery and structure of robots.
  • Electrical Engineering – This branch encompasses control and intelligence of robots.
  • Computer Engineering – It deals with a robots movement development and observations.

Various Application of Robotics

  • Industrial Robots

This plays an important role the industrialized manufacturing and typically consists of articulated arms created for applications like material handling, welding, painting, etc.

  • Household Robots

This type of robots consists of several gears like robotic pool cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners, robotic sewer cleaners, etc.

  • Medical Robots

This is the type robots employed in medicine and medicinal institutes. It includes surgical treatment robots plus some robotic directed automobiles and lifting supporters.

  • Military Robot

This sort of robots is used by the military and armed forces, consisting of bomb discarding robots, exploration drones, etc.

  • Entertainment Robots

It is a wide-ranging category, with this type of robots used for the purpose of entertainment.

Some of the topics cover by our Robotics Homework Answers

  • Kinematics
  • Robot Mechanical Structure
  • Trajectory planning
  • Actuators and sensors
  • Control Architecture
  • Dynamics
  • Motion control
  • Mobile robots
  • Motion planning

Mistakes students make while preparing robotics assignment answers:

  • Deviating from main subject topic

This is a very common mistake which takes place when students do not conduct proper research.

  • Repetition of ideas

Students often repeat the same point more than once when they run out of writing material. This happens when proper planning is not done.

  • Grammatical Error

Sometimes students are not careful about their writing and end by making numerous grammatical mistakes. This dramatically affects the overall quality of the assignment.

  • Lack of facts

Students make the mistake of preparing assignment papers full of unnecessary sentences and descriptions. These papers are devoid of relevant facts and examples.

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