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Whenever there is any excess in terms of goods, investment, gains, income, etc., it is termed as surplus. A situation which has more than needed is called surplus. When income is more compared to the expenditure, or there are more products in the warehouse compared to the required supply, a condition of surplus arises. When this surplus is related to demand and supply, then it is called economic surplus. It is a very important topic, and more information can be obtained by checking for review of consumer and producer surplus homework help.

Meaning of surplus for producer

When a firm is selling a good, there is every possibility that it will get a benefit, when this benefitted amount is in surplus, i.e. more than expected, it I termed as producer surplus. It is basically the differential amount between the minimum amount at which the company could sell the good and the actual amount at which it was sold. To get more definitions of producer surplus, students can search for a review of consumer and producer surplus assignment help.

What influences producer surplus?

Several changes in the market scenario can influence producer surplus in the following ways –

  • When demand for a particular product increases, the producer surplus also increases owing to the fact that there is growth in the need for the product in the market which in turn makes the product more desirable and consumers are ready to pay for it. At this time, the producer can easily increase the price of their good as they know that it’s in demand.
  • Just similar to the above point, producer surplus decreases with less demand for the product.
  • The increment in the product price directly causes an increase in the producer surplus.

Meaning of surplus for consumer

While purchasing a product or service, the consumer has a maximum amount in his mind that he is ready to pay for it and in the actual scenario he might pay another amount, the difference between these two amounts is the consumer surplus. Learn more on consumer surplus by visiting review of consumer and producer surplus homework help.

What influences consumer surplus?

The different aspects of the market that affect consumer surplus are as follows –

  • When there is increase in the supply of a product, consumer surplus increases as there is no deficit of the product in the market, so consumers get the product at reasonable prices.
  • The scenario is opposite when the supply is less, deficit of product in the market at times causes rise in price, and thus consumer surplus decreases.
  • When the market price of product grows, the consumer surplus decreases. Know more about effects of market on consumer surplus by checking review of consumer and producer surplus assignment help.


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