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The financial ratio or income statement is derived from various common income statements. At the same time these statements are used in comparing various companies within the range of same industry. Did you find it difficult? Have you failed to understand the basic concept of income ratio? In that case you can take help from our wide range of revenue statement ratio homework help.

Do you want to know about some common income ratio? Let me discuss them below:

The most common types of income ratio are:

  • Profit margin: The net income is divided by tax by net sales. This profit margin means the profit incurred by selling after deducting all other expenses.
  • Gross Margin: It is found after dividing gross profit by the net sales. This ratio is able to show the available percentage of sales revenue in order to incur the profit.
  • Operating Margin: This operating margin is obtained by dividing operating income by net sales. It also signifies the amount of revenue left after paying various variable costs like raw materials and wages.
  • Price- earnings ratio: The market value for each share is divided by the earnings incurred from per share. This is extensively used in giving valuation to the stocks.

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Let us continue with the common types of income ratio once again:

  • Earnings per share: The net income less than the dividends is divided by the average outstanding shares.
  • Time’s interest earned: If you divide earnings before taxes and interest by the total amount of annual interest expenses, then you will get the times interest earned.
  • Return on stockholder’s equity: This is an important valuation for the shareholders. It can be calculated by dividing the net income by weighted average equity. It denotes the percentage of profit earned by the corporate after paying the taxes.

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