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The alteration of prices in the market is primarily subject to the customer’s behavior towards the products being sold. There are many occasions when companies take drastic decisions to bring down the prices levied on their products. They do acquire a greater number of market shares and dominance over the market.

It is also seen that in some cases companies decide on increasing the price of their manufactured goods. This is mostly down as a result of a looming cost inflation that tends to affect an economy every now and then.

These practical cases of fighting the rival companies in order to move further in the race are an important part of marketing as a subject. The use of tactics requires a shrewd sense of judgment and proper knowledge of the tool that governs these events. So while pursuing a challenging subject like must take Responding to Competitors’ Price Changes homework help in order to polish their idea of this topic.

How are companies, in particular,Responding to Competitors’ Price Changes?

There are numerous external as well as internal parameters that cause a firm to alter the prices of their products. Along with initiating a price change, an organization definitely plans out a strategy about the right ways of dealing with it. On the other hand, the rival companies also react in their own ways towards the altering prices of a firm.

  • Homogenous product companies

It is known to all that in a homogenous market the activities of a single company have a significant effect on its contemporary firms. If a firm initiates price hike, the others might not be able to reach up that extent. Hence the rule of making price changes in a homogenous market is to do it in accordance to the capacity of all the firms. This benefits the entire industry.

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  • Non-homogenous product companies

In the case of a non-homogenous product market, the unstable and comparatively new companies tend to take over the market with drastic price-cutting strategies. This, in turn, becomes challenging for the fairly established companies to tackle.

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