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A strategic business unit (SBU) is established by large companies, with diversified businesses, so that each business gets the right attention. SBU is nothing but a part of the parent company and it functions independently with its own vision and direction. Though it is a separate unit, it is an important part of the parent company. A company can establish multiple units to focus on targeted markets and judiciously assigns resources to each SBU. is specialized in offering Assigning Resources to Each SBU homework help and explaining the concept more clearly.

Assigning resources to each SBU is an important task and being a student of marketing you must learn the skill. Your course material includes several case studies on this subject so that you can gain enough proficiency on resource allocation. SBU works independently with the available resources but time-to-time it updates the headquarters regarding its operational status.

Features of SBU

  • A cluster of separate businesses enables scope for autonomous planning.
  • Each SBU has its own competitors.
  • A manager is responsible for making strategic plans, profitability and to track the performance of the division.
  • SBU has full authority to work set its own objectives and work independently.
  • SBUs are big enough to have their own support functions, which include human resource departments, training departments etc.

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