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What is resource allocation?

Resource allocation can be said to be a central management activity that allows execution of strategies. In case of the organizations that don’t make decisions by utilizing the strategic management approach, allocation of resources is usually based on personal or political factors.

Resource allocation should match annual objective priorities

With strategic management, resources can be allocated according to the priorities that are established by the annual objectives. When you take our resource allocation homework help, you will learn that when resources are not allocated in a consistent manner with the priorities established by the annual objectives that has been approved, it could prove to be detrimental for both organizational success and strategic management.

Types of resources

Every organization should have a minimum of four types of resource that can be utilized for achieving the concerned objectives. They are:

  • Financial resources
  • Human resources
  • Technological resources
  • Physical resources.

Factors affecting effective resource allocation

Allocation of resources to a specific division or department doesn’t guarantee successful implementation of strategies. There are a number of factors that prohibit effective allocation of resources. If you want to know more about these factors, consider getting resource allocation assignment help from us.

Generally, managers have a lot more tasks at hand than they can handle. They have to allocate resources and time among these tasks. Factors like expense being high and CEO demanding a good financial report results in building up of pressure. This results in deferring of activities related to strategy formulation and implementation. These sorts of problems take up the available resources and energies.

Resource allocation often shifts away from strategic needs, although budget and accounts do not reveal it. This usually happens because of resource over protection, organizational politics, reluctance in taking risks, too much emphasis on short-term financial criteria, insufficient knowledge and vague strategy targets.

Accomplishing the objectives of an organization is where the real value of all resource allocation programs lies. Successful implementation of strategy is not necessarily guaranteed through effective allocation of resources. This is because personnel, programs, commitment and controls must make effective use of the resource provided.

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