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What is Resonant Cavity?

The resonant cavity is a system that displays resonant behavior or resonance. The oscillations occur in some particular frequencies, which is completely natural and thus it is known as resonance frequency. Either this oscillation is mechanical or electromagnetic.

What are the theories of operation?

Quality factor

Cavity geometry

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What are the various factors of cavity geometry?

These are –

  • Rectangular cavity
  • Cylindrical cavity
  • TM modes
  • TE modes

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What are the factors which are important for you to know?

These are –

  • Resonance
  • Oscillation
  • Frequency resonance
  • Volume of cavity
  • Electromagnetic wave
  • Losses in LC resonant circuit
  • Microwave cavity

A lot of other factors are also important for you to understand.

What are the points of comparison of LC circuits?

  • Losses in LC resonant circuits
  • Losses in cavity resonators

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