What You Would Get to Know About Representative Personal Account Through Experts?

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Get detailed of personal accounts

Personal accounts would record transactions related to person or group of persons. Such accounts are quite vital and become necessary so that credit transactions can be recorded. With our representative personal account homework help, you will firstly get to know the importance of personal account and then different types of account.

Personal accounts are of three different types:

  1. Natural persons: It is an account that would record transactions with individual human being and so it is known as natural person personal account. For instance, Joseph account, Maria account etc. These would include both males and females account.
  1. Artificial persons: It is known to be an account that records financial transactions which occurs between artificial person personal accounts. This is usually created by law and so termed as artificial person. Eg. Limited companies accounts, firms accounts, co-operative society account etc. Representative personal account homework help will make you knowledgeable about different types of personal account.
  1. Group/representative personal accounts: This is an account that would indirectly represent person or persons which is also termed as representative personal account. When accounts turn out to be of similar nature and it is of huge number, then it is better terms as group and they are opened under representative personal account option. This includes outstanding salaries, rent wages, prepaid insurance etc.

What is representative personal account?

It is an account that helps to record transactions which is related to incomes and expenses and it is classified as nominal accounts. But, there are few cases where matching concept of accounting occurs on particular date and it is payable to different individuals or recoverable from any individuals.

Representative personal account assignment help would make you knowledgeable about such amount:

  • Relates to any particular head of expenditure as well as income
  • Represents any person whom it is payable and whom it is recoverable

In case any person starts up with a business, then he is known to be a proprietor. Such proprietor is represented by a capital account and everything is finally invested in business and through drawing accounts he is eligible to withdraw money from business. Capital account and drawing accounts are part of personal accounts.

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