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Remote Sensing Homework Answers – Tools That the Earth Sciences 

Remote Sensing Homework Answers are the methods and tools applied to identify areas and their characteristics without any physical examination. It has been developed over a long period of time to help scientists and academicians to identify certain landscapes and their geographical features. They are mostly used in fields like geography, astronomy, oceanography, ecological sciences etc.

As a student who finds the above mentioned subjects interesting you may study more about Remote Sensing Assignment Answers to understand its implications. So it is common for you to be assigned various projects and assignments on this particular topic of Remote Sensing Homework Answers. It can be a tedious and daunting task to search for answers related to this topic. So we are simplifying the entire process for you by providing the major points of focus in the topic of Remote Sensing Assignment Answers.

What is Remote Sensing Homework Answers?

As explained earlier, Remote Sensing Homework Answers is the process of searching and figuring out any particular area on the earth’s surface and beyond. The area is then scrutinised using various tools to help the identification process of their features.

What are the major applications of Remote Sensing Assignment Answers?

The major applications of Remote Sensing Homework Answers are as follows:

  • With the help of conventionally used radars like the Doppler Radar, Remote Sensing Assignment Answers are used. They are used to identify traffic in an area or help to develop a warning system in case of natural calamities and accidents.
  • By using satellites and other equipment on earth, they are used to monitor a wider areas and locations. It is also used in Global Positioning System to help locate people, vehicles, and aeroplanes and construct maps of cities and towns.
  • Ultrasounds are used to assess the waves and tides in coastal areas and beaches. They measure the length and magnitude of the waves to measure their impact. They have been instrumental in identifying potential disturbances in vast water bodies like the seas and oceans. They are used extensively to monitor hurricanes, tsunamis and riptides.
  • Sonars are used in conjunction with sound waves to measure the distance between objects under the water. They were developed after observing behaviour of bats and whales that use a similar method to locate their prey.
  • Remote Sensing Assignment Answers is most frequently used to help risky areas. These risky areas are mostly on the brink of desertification. So they try to identify features which indicate that there may be chances of the area becoming barren. This helps them to take corrective measures.
  • Light Detection and Ranging or LIDAR uses light waves and laser beams to use the measurements of the various chemicals that are present in the atmosphere.

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