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Getting assignments done on time and in a proper manner is something that all college students prioritize, no matter what field of study they belong to. Having said that, it is not very uncommon for students to end up getting bulky assignments, even with a subject like Accounts. In such situations, the assignments end up overwhelming students instead of helping them.

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What is relevant range?

A certain activity level that is bounded by a maximum and a minimum amount is known as relevant range. Within those designated boundaries, a specific cost or revenue levels may be expected to occur. The expenses and revenues are likely to differ from the expected amount outside that specific relevant range. This very basic definition of relevant range is of utmost importance and our experts are providing relevant range homework help will make sure you have a clear idea about it.

Another way to define relevant range would be a level of activity or volume within which a firm is expected to operate. As fundamental assumption, all the costing and budgeting exercise are conducted with relevant range. So, this is the underlying assumption when certain costs are classified as fixed or variable. Variable cost may not be variable and fixed costs may not be fixed outside the relevant range.

Usefulness of Relevant Range

When you hire our relevant range homework help, you will not be detailed about the basic definition, but also the usefulness of relevant range.

This concept is typically useful in two forms of analysis:

  • Budgeting:

A company makes assumptions about relevant range when it constructs a future budget. This is the range within which the business is likely to operate. The budgeted expenses and revenues are likely to be correct if the activity volume remains within the range and other assumptions remain valid as well. It is likely that the relevant range would be quite close to the present activity level of a business.

  • Cost Accounting:

The cost of a service, product or activity that is assumed is likely to be valid within the relevant range and less valid outside that range. Particularly, fixed cost likely remains fixed within the range.

Importance of Relevant Range for Decision Making

One more thing that our experts will definitely mention while providing relevant range assignment help is the importance of relevance range for decision making. From the standpoint of decision making, the cost-volume relationship changes outside the relevant range.

If you increase the volume above the range, you may incur increased shipping costs, overtime costs for your employees or shift premiums. If you decrease it below the range, you may have to shut down facilities, reduce headcount, etc.

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