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 What is the importance of Relativity?

According to this part of Physics, the different physical phenomena get related with the relative motion of an observer as well its surroundings or the observed objects like light, time, space and gravity. All related laws are always same in every circumstance for these objects. Theory of relativity was established by the great scientist Albert Einstein.

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What are the different theories?

According to Albert’s Einstein there are two different theories-

Special Relativity

General relativity

The relativity also explains that laws could not be changed any time. If light passes in the vacuum, then the speed is always same throughout the vacuum, no matter what is the speed or position of an observer.

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What is the main motto of relativity?

The great scientist Albert Einstein tried to explore to know more about the different motion of light as well as other movements relative to that and you can say by taking earth as the main object.

This is why, different factors and impact on these as-

  • Space-time or space and time and their proper relation
  • Relativity of Simultaneity
  • Kinematic
  • Gravitational time dilation
  • Length contraction

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