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Related Diversification Meaning

It is something when an organisation expands or adds their existing markets or product lines. For example, phone company which extends or adds wireless services and commodity by purchasing a different wireless company. Such approach is said to be related diversification.

With this strategy, one enjoys the benefits of understanding business and knowing the threats and opportunities of the industry. But still, many related acquisitions does not provide any benefit or the returns which were actually predicted.

This happens because of the under-estimate cost of softer issues like handling employees, change management, integration of two cultures, terminations and layoffs, recruitment and even promotions. Other than this the analysis can over-estimate the amount of benefit which would be gained. To get detailed materials on this topic, visit our website and order Related Diversification homework help.

Advantage of this Diversification

The advantage which is enjoyed by this related method is providing easy expansion. Expansion becomes easy as the industry is already known to the company and this knowledge can be used as leverage. This happens to be the only advantage this approach. The knowledge of the industry can lead to ultimate success.

Disadvantage of this Diversification

The disadvantage of this approach is, if there is any cyclical or seasonal downturn in this industry, then the company’s both business will go through a decreased revenue. For example, if there a company can have a detailing as well as car dealership business. Now when the industry declines both the business will downfall and impact can be enormous. Related Diversification assignment help explains with real-life scenarios.

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