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Analysis methods are very important to understand about the cost estimation in mixed cost where fixed and variable costs are also essential to know about. The related terms need to learn properly to have exact grip over your topic. But, a lot of time the students get confused and try to write answers without having suitable knowledge. We thus provide service of regression analysis method homework help to all students who have any problem in their homework or assignment.

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What do you mean by the term regression analysis method?

Regression analysis method is a process in statistical way that explains about how measurement for the average or ordinary amount change in variable, which is dependent, and related with the unit charge of a single and multiple independent variables. So, it is clear that regression analysis is very accurate for an estimation that considers each dependent or independent variable to have a proper connection.

Our expert from regression analysis method homework help says that before you go to start this topic, you must understand fundamental terms like dependent variables, independent variables, data points, high- low method, cost functions and many others which are associated with this significant topic.

High-low method and regression analysis method: Better one?

It is important to understand this fact as it is simple, but need exact requirements to describe. High – low method takes decision to find out the solutions only with highest value or lowest value, and other values are silent. However, in case of regression analysis, you will get that all values are very important for an observer to find out proper outcome.

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What are the different types of regression?

The different types of regression are –

  • Simple – When there is an estimation of relationship between one independent variable and dependent variable.
  • Multiple – If there is a relationship between two or more independent variable with the dependent variables, then you must understand that it is a multiple regression.

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