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The revenue of a product can only be identified when the services or goods which are associated with that revenue have been successfully rendered or delivered respectively. This is the basic concept of realization principle. It simply means that revenue can be identified only after it has been accurately earned. If you face trouble in learning the core concept, then take realization concept in accounting homework help from and stay calm.

Do you want me to explain the concept of realization?

  • Whenever a seller intends to sell a product to the buyer, he must know well about the revenue associated with it.
  • A seller must know whether the good is sold in terms of credit, the revenue needs to be recognized.
  • While rendering a service, revenue is identified in terms of stages of completion, as mentioned in the contract.
  • On the basis of revenue incurred, the concepts of accrued income and prepaid income have arrived.

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What is the importance of realization concept?

  • The application of this principle enables that the resultant performance by an asset as acquired from the income statement reveals clearly the extent of total revenue earned within a period of time.
  • Whereas, cash inflows are mostly generated from that period of time which can be developed from the cash flow statement.
  • This recognition of revenue may not be present always for evaluation of the company’s accounts department.

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