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As humans, we make certain decisions that are illogical and emotional. These emotions also affect our economic decisions. Sometimes people invest on some firm without doing any proper analysis. They just make the decision because they like the company or some of the products that they have used. However, this is not applicable to the ordinary people. Professionals may also get affected with this.

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Some Examples

Real-world application assignment help provides some real-world examples of behavioral finance.

  • Savings for retirement: Recently many financial institutions offer several policies to plan for retirement savings. They have different savings plans, which help people to invest money in their retirement plans and to get the benefit for themselves and their family. According to autopilot 401(k) savings plans, people need to opt-in to participate, have 68% rates of participation after 36 months or need to opt-out to leave, have a 98% of involvement. Behavioral finance principles can be used to increase saved amount with an increase in the number of participants. For example Pension Protection Act, a law that simplifies automatic investments on retirement plans.
  • Investing in various funds: While investing money in something, people should have to consider few things, which may help them in significant returns. Investors should consult with some individuals who have knowledge and experience about that. Always invest money by the partnership or by a group which will reduce the risks. Investors should keep track of their investments and the market. Behavioral finance can be used to decrease investor’s mistakes. Many funds rose hoping to capitalize on behavioral finance principles.
  • Market sentiment analysis: This is a tool used by investment managers to capitalize on investor irrationality. They use the information from social media to evaluate the market.

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Receiving help for assignments

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