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The Mathematics of Rationalization Homework Answers

Being a student of the subject of Mathematics is very tough and scary. You are supposed to remember so many things – the formulas, the equations and the various functions. To this you have to keep on practising until you are sure you can easily perform successfully in your exams. As a Mathematics student you know that anything you learn in one chapter can be applied in any other chapter. Even something you learnt in a previous year can be used in your current year. So, to be successful you need to be really thorough in your work to ensure long term retention.

The various numbers used in Mathematics

There are many types of numbers used in Mathematics. They are as follows:

  • Natural Numbers

These are the numbers we have learned since we were young. These are numbers which are all positive. For example 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on.

  • Whole Numbers

They are similar to the Natural Numbers but they also include 0.

  • Integers

Integers are both positive and negative numbers. For example -3, 5, -9, 2 among other similar numbers.

  • Rational Numbers

Any number which can be expressed in proportion to any integers or numbers are known as Rational Numbers.

  • Real Numbers

Numbers which have anything after a decimal are known as Real Numbers.

  • Irrational Numbers

All real numbers which cannot be called Rational are known as Irrational Numbers.

The process of Rationalization Homework Answers:

Rationalization Assignment Answers used to remove radicals from any numbers or algebraic equations. The various methods of rationalization of different numbers have been explained in the rest of the points.

Rationalization Homework Answers of the roots:

We will be taking various examples to explain your most frequently searched doubts.

Example 1

Rationalization of Square roots

If you have to rationalize a square root in the denominator of a fraction then you have to multiply the fraction with the denominator. This removes the square root from the denominator and rationalizes the number.

Example 2

Rationalization of Cube roots

We follow the same instructions for cube roots as we did in square roots. We multiply the denominator with the whole fraction to rationalize it.

Rationalization of Algebraic Equations

Example 3

In case of Rationalization of algebraic equations consisting of a real number and a irrational number. We multiple the equations with the negative of the equation if the equation is positive. If the equation is negative we multiple it with the positive of the number.

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