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A type of analysis of the statement of finance which is utilized for obtaining a swift indication of a company’s performance on the basis of its finances in various areas is called the ratio analysis. The ratio can be categorized in various ways like ratios of market value, ratios of profitability, ratios for managing assets, ratios covering debt managements, solvency ratios etc. Students wanting to master the process of ratio analysis can simply click on our portal for ratio analysis homework solutions.

Due o the fact that the concept of ratio analysis is based on information of accounting, the effectiveness of the analysis is limited to distortions that are a result of inflation and cost accounting. Students can learn more about these aspects by clicking on our ratio analysis assignment solutions .This is why ratio analysis is used only as the initial step in analysis of finance for getting a quick check on the performance of a firm.

Features of ratio analysis

There are several features that serve as a tool for ratio analysis. A brief account of these features is as follows –

  • The data that is provided by the several statements of finance.
  • A computation of these collected ratios that help to facilitate the comparing of companies that are generally different in size.
  • These ratios can be utilized for comparing the performance of different firms with the averages in the industry.

It can also be used as a tool for analyzing trends so that areas of improvement or deterioration of performance within a time period. These are the basic features in a summarized form, students can check out our ratio analysis homework solutions for a detailed study.

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