Understanding Ratio Analysis and Its Application

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Ratio analysis and its application

A number of students face problems with this topic of ratio analysis and its application. This might be because the students are not clear about this. Ratio analysis is nothing but a tool which is used to determine the operational efficiency and financial health of a company.

To compare similar variables, the ratio application which is ratio analysis, is used. Ratio analysis is used by the companiesin the following ways.

  • Inter-company comparison–this process consists of companies to level up with the best ones in the business. It can be done by getting hold of the financial statements of different competitors.Doing this can generate ideas and concepts to fill up the missing gaps.
  • Intra-company comparison – with this process of ratio analysis, comparison of various departments within the same particular company can be made. The management can note the performance of a particular department which affects the overall performance and ranking of the company.

Investors use ratio analysis by assessment of long-term solvency and assessment of liquidity.

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