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Queueing Theory is Important for Service Centric Business 

Queueing Theory is the theory that is used in maths to understand the waiting lines that are known as queues. This process would help in understanding the time required to get movement when a person has joined at the end of the queue and how long person has to wait before being able to reach the front of a queue.

The derivative study will calculate the average time that has to be spent in a queue. This theory is part of operations research, and this will help to make good and sound business decisions.

This operations research will be useful in healthcare and industries especially service industries. This is an ideal tool for customer service business. There will be extensive use of this theory in a modern arena as there are intelligent systems that are used.

Kendall notation

Kendall has been credited with the modern day famous model of A/b/c queuing theory. C is attributed to the number of servers and B will get the service time, and A would be interracial.

This model will help the owner of a service centre to establish a rapport with consumers. Assume that a supermarket is having fewer people for shopping and they may open only one cash counter when they have six counters at a place, and they will open all the six counters when there is a festive season like Christmas and New Year.

This will ensure that consumers will spend less time in the queue and they will feel elated and will always come back to shopping as they get rich experience.

Why Queueing Theory homework answers are important for a student?

Queueing Theory is an important part of customer centric business. People get frustrated when they have to spend long time in queues. Modern digital arena has given the task of getting online booking and that will give a token number and time, and a person needs to wait in a queue at that time only.

There will be mathematical forecasting, and there will be a distribution of spaces, and this will help in ensuring that people will get a clear space to spend time and students can get irritated when they do not understand basics of mathematical forecasting models.

A student can resort to unfair practices when they do not understand the requirements and can indulge in copy paste work and can get low grades.

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