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Understanding Pulse-width modulation:

Pulse-width modulation is commonly known with PWM or PDM (pulse-duration modulation). This is used into a pulsing signal for encoding a message. This process of modulation can also be used to encode information for transmission. Buts, its chief agenda is to tackle the power supplied and utilized in the electrical devices.

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Kinds of Pulse-width modulation:

There is a classification of PWM which includes three distinct types:

  1. The pulse center may be fixed.
  2. The tail edge can be fixed along with the modulated lead edge.
  3. The tail edge modulated and he lead edge can be held at the lead edge.

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Some related topics:

Your ideas will get completion after comprehending certain related topics such as:

  • Space vector modulation
  • Delta modulation
  • Delta-sigma modulation
  • Direct torque control (DTC)

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Besides, there are some common factors which need proper understanding in this regard and they are listed below:

  • PWM sampling theorem
  • Applications of PWM
  • Time proportioning

Some other notable issues may get a discussion in that case also. Basically, this concept is used to control motor also and while going through this topic, you have to understand these things in details.

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