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What is Public Finance?

While Personal Finance pertains to your own individual finance with you as the person managing it, Public finance pertains to the finance of the state managed by the government. Just like you see to various factors before deciding on your personal budget, the government looks upon various factors before finally deciding the annual budget. Public finance plays a crucial role in the working of the state for without money, no work can ever be done.

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Why is it important?

Public Finance is important because it is the finance of the state and state is our collective identity. Without Public Finance, the economy of the state cannot function and without a proper economy, a nation is nothing. Public Finance is that aspect of Economics which teaches you how to calculate and be aware of the financial dealings of the state and how it actually affects you both positively and negatively.

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Problems in Public Finance

Students happen to find a lot of problem when dealing with Public Finance. Here are some of them:

  • Public Finance is not an easy concept to grasp as easy as it might superficially seem to be. Students take a lot of time to fully grasp how it works.
  • Public Finance unlike Personal Finance is answerable to the people, which is what makes it considerably different from the latter. This makes it a lot more difficult for the students too.
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