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Public Economics

Basically, Public Economics is the study of the policy of the government through economic efficiency and equity. Public Economics deals with the involvement of the government in different economic markets.

To study this involvement of the government in different economic markets, microeconomic theory is used which involves the study of taxation and expenditure of the government. The main concerns of Public Economics are creation and implementation of government policy, externalities, and market failures. All of these materials will be covered in our Public Economics assignment help.

Public Economics also focuses on improving social welfare by its ultimate theory of welfare economics. Some of the broad topics and methods of Public Economics which will be covered in our Public Economics homework help include –

  • Design and Analysis of public policy.
  • Analysis of government failure and market failure.
  • Effects of distribution of taxation and government expenditures.
  • Theory and application of public finance.

Generally according to the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) classification codes, Public Economics has 8 categories and 19 primary classifications.

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