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  • Transporterprotein
  • Acidtransportprotein
  • Transmembranepump
  • Escortprotein
  • Cationtransportprotein

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It is a protein that is able to serve the function of transporting materials from one place to another within an organism.

Proper transportation of materials is very important for the growth of any organisms.

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What are the different types of transport proteins?

  • Carrier proteins: here, the proteins get engaged in the movement of the molecules, ions and some macro molecules
  • They form an integral membrane protein
  • With the help of diffusion, this protein helps in moving the substances
  • This particular movement is also called carrier- mediated transport
  • Each of these carrier protein is meant to recognize a single substance, similar substances or a group
  • A membrane protein is a membrane transport protein that is responsible as a carrier

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Why proteins are called doors to the cell or learn about transfer of proteins?

  • Each and every cell has a filter or a plasma membrane that assists in regulating the free flow of materials from going in and out
  • Each and every plasma membrane is embedded with transport proteins which tends to help a lot in this process
  • A single transport protein allows only some molecules to enter or exit from them
  • The transportation of protein in a cell can be best understood with the example of a post office who handles the numerous letters and packages with apt care.

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