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Complete Help for Programmable Logical Controller Assignments

Programmable Logical controller: definition

Programmable Logical Controller, also known as PLC is but a digital computer that assists in automation of an industrial electromechanical process. The referred processes may include control of light fixtures, amusement rides, or assembly lines of factory machinery. The programs to control the operations are stored either in a non-volatile memory or battery backed up memory. It is the real time system and can be cited as an example for ‘tangible’ real time system since it needs to produce the output results within a limited time after receiving the inputs or there’ll be major technical mess up.

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Contents of a PLC:

Here’s what inside a PLC and the things which cooperate and coordinate to make the system function smoothly, it’s basically the CPU that does the job by making the instructions sync with one another:

  • The Control Instructions of the User’s Program are stored in non-volatile memory and is executed by the system.
  • It can communicate with other I/O devices, Networks, programming devices and other PLCs.
  • It can perform Housekeeping duties like Internal Diagnostics, communication, etc.

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Steps of Operation:

A PLC operates in four stages which are as follows:

  • Input scan:

The state of all input devices attached to the PLC are scanned and checked for perfection.

  • Program scan:

The user’s program is scanned and if everything’s in place, the program logic is executed.

  • Output Scan:

The output devices attached to the PLC are either energized or de-energized, according to instructions.

  • House keeping:

These functions include internal diagnostics, communications and such actions.

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