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A project will be broken into different parts, and there will be a time scheduled for each part of a project. This scheduling can help in fixing a budget and can also help in ensuring that there will be no lapse in time management. This method of evaluating a project is known as Program Evaluation & Review Technique

Steps for pert

There should be a definite time to begin a project, and there should be a definite time to end the project. There will be different sequences that can happen inside a project and remember that these sequences are flexible.

There will not be interrelated and overlapping activities inside a project. The graphic representation of project will be done in such a way that there is no cost and time overrun. There are dummy activities that get introduced into pert due to overlapping issue

How to proceed with pert

There will be different activities inside a project, and this should be identified better by a student. There will be testing of the prototype, and then an only real schedule of activities will take place.

There will be drawing on activities that would start after test model is started. There will be a calculation of expected time and actual time. There are additions like optimistic time inference and pessimistic time inference. There will be most probable time estimate, and there can be an early start time and early end time.

There will be an identification of slack activity that can happen in the project and there will be an identification of critical activities that can happen in a project. There will always be a delay in a project that can happen and this time may happen due to non-availability of stock. This delay time should be kept after calculating and this time is known as contingency timing.

The aim of pert is to ensure that project gets completed within the given time and Program Evaluation & Review Technique homework answers cover that aspect well.

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