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Profit making is an inevitable part of business. Without making profit a business cannot run smoothly. Profit is the part of earnings in a business which is left after expending all the expenditures. Profit helps business to grow quickly. The profit making capacity of a business organization is termed as profitability. So,to do a perfect evaluation of profits making factors are most important for enhancing this capacity.

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Subject matter in a nutshell

Assessment of a company’s profit making capacity is quite a significant factor as it helps in perfect monitoring on company’s sales division, its revenue and profit making procedure, its total cost and expenditure etc. Not only that the process suggests all kind of required changes to enhance business organization’s revenue earning capacity. The method follows few definite steps, they are mentioned below:

  • It’s first step is to recognize and analyze all kind of functional expanses such as labor’s wages, building rent, maintenance expenditure, advertisements cost, and expanses for packaging,  distribution and delivery cost, Billing and collection charges etc.
  • The second step is to recognize and determine the expenditure separately which is spend for several sectors involved in marketing.
  • Calculation of profit and loss is the most important factor as on the basis of it company can take the correct decision for expanding the production or for reducing it. Some time on basis of this calculation may also cease a particular production.

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Other option of controlling

Profit ratio is another way of measuring a company’s profit making capacity.  This method has several analysis procedures. They are as follows:

  • Net profit margin helps in measuring company’s profit making capacity as a whole.
  • Gross profit margin measures only organization’s production cost.
  • Operating margin helps to determine the nonproductive cost and how that affects the profits.
  • Recognition of Return from assets helps to understand how quickly this amount can help in making profit.

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