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What is the concept of profit maximization?

An absolute competition as we know will only occur when a large number of corporations are doing their business with absolute information of every products or material to their customers. Based on the quality of the products the prices are set.

But there is one problem, and that problem is that the corporations cannot individually make frames of the rates which are to be bought or used for business. The most important aim of most of the highly ranked corporations is to make a profit to a greater extent.

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Reason of maximizing profit

Measuring the level of output where its printed rate is same as the marginal cost is the purpose of an action to increase the levels of profit of highly ranked corporations. This is an only way to increase the level of business profit, and that way is the corporations have to increase their yield to a greater extent.

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There are essentially three features through profit maximization by a competitive firm assignment help can be understood: They are

  1. A group of large number of manufacturers
  2. A set of identical materials or items
  3. Non rates come and go

To measure the amount of profit that is achieved can be found out by subtracting overall annuity with overall price.

A particular corporation will only run and goes on to manufacture their own products only. Their levels of minimal cost will either to quite a lower level than minimal revenue annuity, otherwise not.  From this process actually we can conclude that it is necessary to maintain a minimal profit as well as to maintain both the minimal cost and annuity equal to each other. Then only, competition can occur perfectly.

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