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A productivity resource is an important part of the subject economics. It requires a study in details to gain proper knowledge and score well in theexam. But unfortunately, students nowadays do not get enough time to give to a particular subject. As they are overburdened with so many subjects and so many activities. Therefore, what they need is productive resources homework help from a specialist who will make them understand complicated theories with simple solutions.

Before we know about different categories of productive resources from productive resources assignment help, it is very necessary to know the basics.

According to our productive resources homework help, economics is such a subject where students study about the different resources which are required for production. A resource is what we depend on to fulfill a particular goal. Say for example- if you are planning to set a factory, then all you need is labor, land, and capital. So these requirements are resources.

How productive resources can be described?

Productive resources are basically the basics which are used to cultivate goods and services. It is furthermore divided into two segments as in:

  • Tangible–say for example capital, raw material.
  • Intangible– ideas.

Again, productive resources are also classified in the following way:

According to their nature andAccording to productivity level

  • Natural Resources- provided by land, water, vegetation.
  • Human Resources- provided by us people.
  • Physical resources– physical strength.

To know more on this topic just accept our assistance from our productive resources homework help. Also to know on other issues on economics click on myhomeworkelp.com.Let’s now discuss more specifically on the productive resources technically:

  1. Natural Resources– The resources which are gained from theearth and which can be used are natural resources. Natural resources must be utilized up to a limit. Example- land, minerals, oils, animals, etc.
  2. Human resources– These are nothing but human skills which they perform while executing work. It means not only physical talent but also includes mental talent. Example- workers, lawyers.
  3. Capital resources- the investment made for any business is the moneybeing invested. Planning and then executing makes things much easier. Example- machines, factories, tools, buildings.
  4. Entrepreneurship- it is a skill to manage all the above resources in an organized manner. Beginners of a business are called anentrepreneur.

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