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In economics, demand & supply are two key chains of any company or an organization.  A company always wants to keep a balance between the market and the supply. The manufacturer has a capability of producing unit as their requirement or as they want to sell in the market. They do not do it as per their strength.

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What is Production quota?

Production quota is a predefined target of a production unit. It is thoroughly instructed by the government or organization who took the job of market control. Government or organization makes a decision to control the selling and buying process of goods.

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Production quota evaluation

There is two type of production quota. The government set the production quota to a high level to expand the production of companies. Sometimes government set production to a certain medium level to make the price level in control.

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Production quota system is generally used to help infant industry and make them able to enter the market for their business. Besides, other companies also get the benefit of their production quotas to make a profit from their production in the market. It is a both side beneficial process to for the infant industries as well as the company who are already are doing their business in the market. If you do not understand this, just go through our portal production quotas assignment help for a clear view.

For the infant industry, government helps them financially to reduce the unit per cost in market so they can get a relaxation in the market competition and can make an impact in the market with production limit. In that case, other companies are also get government production help like percentage of product supply in the market. That is a healthy business strategy by the government.

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