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The Presence of Product Systems and Mixes Homework Help

In a company engaged in the manufacture and production of various goods and services, their products are categorized. These categories may include fmcg, it, medicines, basic needs etc. Product systems and mixes assignment help is the name given to the diverse product lines produced by a company. Product system focuses on the assortment of products that are an accessory to the main product or are complementary to them. For example, while buying a mobile phone you need to buy a charger and headphones. These two products make up the product system and their diversification in the production process is known as product mix.

The needs for having product systems and mixes homework help

  1. Market penetration

Having an effective product systems and mixes assignment help allows the company to easily sell their existing products in the existing markets. This is because they are able to sell their products to different consumers as they have a number of product lines to satisfy the needs of their customers. Market penetration can be achieved by undertaking promotional and other marketing activities.

  1. Competing against rivals

One of the most essential objective of a company is to be profitable. This can be adversely affected by the presence of competitors in the market who are selling similar products at a lower price. An efficient product systems and mixes homework help will ensure that the products manufactured are irreplaceable by attaching value and prestige to it.

  1. Economies of scale

Having a wide range of production processes has the added benefit of economies of scale. As a company produces more products the cost per unit of production starts decreasing. Thus they can produce higher volume of products at a lower rate of production. Along with this having an efficient research and development department will reduce the wastage of resources and by-products. The research and development department helps to bring down the cost of production by:

  • Reducing wastage
  • Using by-products in a profitable manner
  • Searching for new cheaper alternatives for the production process

Composition of a product systems and mixes assignment help:

A product systems and mixes assignment help consist of the following:

  1. Breadth of a product mix

The breadth of a product mix shows the various product lines it has engaged its resources in. It is a figure which shows the presence of the diversification in production.

  1. Length of a product mix

The length of a product mix shows the number of variations in a particular product line. These are the brands in a particular product category of the company.

  1. Depth of a product mix

The presence of variants in a particular product is known as the depth of the product mix.

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