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Product Differentiation is a subject which tells about the various ways and methods to make similar products appear different. It is a Sales & Marketing Strategy.

Why Product Differentiation is Necessary?

In a world full of products which are similar in design, similar in capability, similar in output and service, and similar in looks to an extent, it becomes necessary for any organisation to establish the USP or Unique Sales Preposition of its product.

A lot of times it is seen that a lot of products with a wide range of similarities click well with the market as the Sales & Marketing Teams do a splendid job. In a lot of cases though, only one or two products of similar kind rule the market, this is because of failed Product Differentiation techniques.

In a nutshell, Product Differentiation can make or break products, brands, companies and even fortunes!

Product Differentiation Means Cut Throat Competition

Product differentiation has become extremely critical now, as people are aware of the products available all over the globe, thanks to internet revolution.

Consumers are quick to denounce a product, service or feature, as a Blogger in some remote part of the world will get to use the product, and will then upload the review as soon as possible to get the maximum number of hits on his blog or Twitter or Facebook handle.  Obviously, the review has to be extremely accurate, and the person writing the review will clearly mark the ‘Difference’ in the write up.

The Importance of Product Differentiation Assignment Help

Product Differentiation is tricky, and it is equally tricky to understand the concept.

A company has to look at three critical factors while dealing with product differentiation:

  1. Physical differences
  2. Differences in Perception
  3. Quality of Support services offered

A lot of times, while studying about the product, the differences overlap or blur each other, and hence, students look for answers from a variety of sources.

Product Differentiation Homework Help

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Product Differentiation assignment help should only come from someone who has enormous exposure and experience in handling difficult situations related to the marketing techniques.

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