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A brief introduction to Probability

The word probability is very common in day to day life. The experts of probability assignment help define it as a chance of the event taking place or the uncertainty associated with the occurrence of the event. Probability originated from the chance games of gambling like throw of a dice, toss of a coin, drawing a card from a pack of cards, etc. Gradually the subject became an area of academic interest, and a number of scholars addressed themselves to the field of probability.

Fundamental concepts used in Probability Theory

The experts of probability homework help will discuss the terms and concepts used in Probability Theory. They are:

  • Random experiment:

An experiment whose results is dependent on chance, and the result of such an event cannot be determined beforehand. This is called a random experiment. Examples are toss of a coin and throw of a dice.

  • Trail:

Performance of a random experiment is known as a trail.

  • Outcomes:

The results which arise out of a random experiment are known as outcomes.

  • Sample space:

Each possible outcome of an experiment gives rise to a sample point. The union of all sample points is called sample space.

  • Event:

An outcome or a combination of outcomes of a random experiment is called an event.

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